Thoughts Have Energy

Thoughts Have Energy


Everything is in your head

The other day I came across the phrase “Thoughts have energy” and immediately forgot where I saw it. But it stuck with me, and it resonates with me, for many reasons.

Aspect #1

Everything we see in the real world which is created by man originated in the head of a person, as an idea. A thought. A vision. Every creation, every invention, everything not found in nature started this way. That thought was the beginning of a creative process, which after usually many stages of refinement resulted in that physical object. We could say that the thought had the energy to manifest itself into the physical world.

Aspect #2

Everything you want to accomplish, to be, to become, want to do, starts as an idea in your head. You might want to educate yourself, go to the movies, call a friend. Every activity you perform starts with a thought, able to transform itself into one or more actions. Actions which in turn produces more actions – actions which need energy to be executed. Thoughts need energy to become real. Thought have energy!

Aspect #3

Thoughts not only have energy, thoughts produce energy. We all know someone who as a lot of drive (some may call it ambition); someone who is good at getting things done. This starts within ones mind, as thoughts, uninterrupted and undisturbed by self doubt (which so many of us are suffering from). These people can transform many of their thoughts in do drive, actions, results – amazing results in many cases. An “entrepreneurial” mindset, if you will.

But thoughts can also produce negative energy. Stop action. Be detrimental to your development. Too often I hear stories of someone who “does not want to do new things”. Who says “I can’t” instead of “I can’t do this right now, but I can learn”. This is all in the mind of the person with this attitude. It’s just a thought – not a good one, a thought with negative energy.

What if you belong to the “I can’t” group? Can you change that? I am certain you can, and there are many ways to do it. In future posts, I intend to go through some of them, starting with the all important “values”.

Stay tuned!

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